Seedsman has been around since 2003 and is one of the most recognizable online seed banks in the world. This well-known, Spain-based company has a reputation for being the go-to shop for seed brands that won’t ship to certain countries and an inventory so incredibly vast that it’s said if you can’t find it in Seedsman, you most likely won’t find it anywhere.

Would we recommend this place? Let’s talk about its products and features to find out.


Seedman’s seed catalog is the largest that we know of both online and in-store. Apart from their own, they offer seeds from over 70 different brands such as Sensi SeedsNirvana Shop, Royal Queen SeedsDNA GeneticsCali ConnectionTH SeedsBarney’s Farm, and Dinafem. The quality of seeds varies depending on the producer’s standards, but you can have every confidence in Seedsman’s highest-rated products, which include Sour Diesel, Northern Lights Special, Raspberry Cough, C99, and BC Jack Herer.

Shipping and Delivery

Seedsman ships worldwide. All orders bound for the US, UK, and EU will be shipped with packaging, while discreet shipping is necessary elsewhere. If adding the delivery insurance option is available in your country, we strongly recommend that you take advantage of this, so they can reship free of charge in case your parcel gets intercepted.

Customer Service

At the time of writing, the Seedsman customer service team cannot be contacted by phone. Buyers can submit a request, and they will try to respond within two business days, between 9 am to 5 pm. If your concern is urgent, you can check the Seedsman’s Support Center for information that may help or use their bot-driven chat support.

Ease of Website Navigation

Seedsman’s well-designed portal provides a simple and positive shopping experience. While insanely vast, their catalog is neatly categorized by seed type, cannabinoid profile, and set-up on the main page. There’s also a drop-down menu for Cannabis Seeds, Medical Seeds, and Promos, each leading to more criteria and a category page with sort and filter options that will narrow your search results.

Price and Special Offers

The price range for Seedsman products varies considerably but can go as low as £3.42 for one feminized or autoflowering seed and £5.96 for a regular seed. Apart from having a sea of choices at your preferred price, the company also gives free seeds for orders over €30, 15 to 25% discounts for using Bitcoin, and much more.


Seedsman sells in 10 different currencies. Accepted payment methods at this website include Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, bank and wire transfers, cash, credit and debit cards, as well as check and money orders.

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