Dinafem was formally established as a seed bank in 2005 and became the first producer of feminized seeds in Spain. From then on, it’s been competing against Amsterdam big names and even went on to snag the first Soft Secrets “Girl of the Year” award given to a non-dutch seed shop for the ultra-productive Moby Dick.

The sterling reputation of Dinafem in global cannabis growing communities was earned through many years of excellent service and consistently superior seeds. However, if you’re still having doubts about putting your money on this seed bank, we have all the details that will help make up your mind.

Important Note:

Dinafem has ceased all orders and currently has no seeds in any seedbanks due to some legal trouble. The information below may change once they resume business.


Dinafem’s small selection of proprietary seeds (only 89 seeds as of writing) suggests that they choose to focus on providing high-quality products over flooding customers with choices. This is why a large chunk of available online feedback states that Dinafem seeds are a great steal and negative reviews on the quality of the products are rare.

Get your hands on solid genetics with Dinafem’s feminized, autoflower, high-CBD, and quick cannabis seeds from their website or through several official resellers throughout continental Europe. No idea what to try? Moby Dick, White Widow, Cheese, and OG Kush are excellent choices. You can also explore the Dinafem Seed Market for options from other seedbanks like Barney’s Farm, DNA Genetics, and Dutch Passion.

Shipping and Delivery

Seed purchases of at least €80 paid using a credit card qualifies for free shipping. If the order does not qualify, the cost depends on the country of destination, shipping method, and payment method. Upon dispatch, customers will receive a tracking number via email, which guarantees the order’s delivery. Parcels shipped by regular mail do not have tracking information and will, therefore, not come with a delivery guarantee.

Dinafem ships worldwide except Argentina, Australia, Chile, the U.S., Turks and Caicos Islands, and South Africa. To ensure both discretion and security, the seed bank only uses plain and padded brown envelopes.

Customer Service

One of the ingredients in Dinafem’s secret sauce is its responsive customer service. Most buyers do not have a problem with their purchased seeds, but when they do, their issues are handled with care and urgency. With their high-quality products and reliable CS team, growers can shop with absolute confidence in this seed bank. The FAQs and the website’s blog section also provide a lot of valuable information.

Ease of Website Navigation

Dinafem’s website is simple, elegant, and has a professional feel to it. Designed to cater to a global market, the portal is available in five different languages — English, Italian, Spanish, French, and German. It is also equipped with a search option and the products are classified by category for easy shopping. The only thing missing in individual category pages is a sort or filter option, so the seeds can be arranged according to the chosen preference or the search results refined for a more straightforward experience.

Price and Special Offers

The prices of Dinafem Seeds are moderately high but not excessively more expensive or cheaper than those of top Dutch producers. One seed costs between €8.01 and €13.99, but the price tag goes down per seed if you purchase multiple seeds per pack, which is the only option for some varieties.

Sadly, Dinafem rarely offers discounts and sales, limiting promotions to free shipping (with specific conditions or criteria). The seeds are well worth every penny, though, if you want to grow cannabis plants with exceptional genetics.


Dinafem accepts payments through credit cards, bank transfers, cash in various currencies,

or Bitcoin. The use of credit cards is highly recommended as it’s the fastest and cheapest of all the available methods. Currently, the seed bank does not accept PayPal and Western Union or allow cash on delivery.

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