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All About Marijuana Seeds

The marijuana seed that you see and hold in your hands is the outer shell, which protects the embryonic plant formed during fertilization. It comes in different forms – regular, feminized, and autoflower. As you begin the preparation for growing, this is an excellent time to learn more, including:

Proper storage to preserve the ungerminated seeds

Source of high – quality, authentic seeds


What Are Cannabis Seeds?

Cannabis species are flowering plants called angiosperms. They have roots, stems, and leaves. During the bloom stage, both male and female plants develop reproductive organs. Pollen released into the air event ually lands on the ovary, fertilizing eggs, which develop into seeds.

Seeds contain materials which have all the genetic information needed for growth and reproduction. When the temperature and moisture level is ideal, the root breaks out of the protective outer shell to begin a new life cycle. Their physical characteristics are determined by the genes (genotype), but environmental conditions also significantly affect the genes’ expression (phenotype).

A high-quality seed will have the potential to grow into healthy plants. How well they grow and how much buds and cannabinoids produced-can be subpar or optimal, depending on growing conditions.

Cannabis seeds are similar in size to peppercorns with an oval shape. On one side is a ridge, where the taproot em erges. The opposite side, on the other hand, is more rounded. A mature seed would usually be brown in color; immature ones are off-white and small in size. Looking at the body, the usual cannabis seeds have either spots or stripes with brown specks. Some strains, though, may have reddish or yellowish marks.

Anatomy of seeds: The pericarp (outer perimeter) protects the embryo, consisting of the radicle (which turns into the primary root) and cotyledons (the first leaves to appear). Once the seed germinates, the root caps protect the growing tips from harm.

What Are the Different Types of Seeds?

The particular strain and quality aside, cannabis seeds also come in three different forms. First, there are the traditional seeds. Second, feminized seeds – the most sought after type today. Last is the autoflower seeds, which are steadily gaining popularity. When you buy different types of seeds, be sure to keep them in their containers. You do not want to mix them up as they all look the same.

Is It Legal to Buy Cannabis Seeds?

The United Nations Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, 1961 - signed by 180 member countries - prohibits the supply of specific drugs- cannabis included.

There are exceptions, though, if under license for particular purposes like medical treatment and research. Cannabis may be deemed to be an illicit substance, but not the seeds – technically.

Cannabis seeds do not contain narcotic substances. However, it becomes problematic when germinated and grown. The prevailing thought is that they should not be illegal. It would be difficult or next to imp ossible for the prosecution to prove that you have the intention to grow them.

Each country would have their laws and regulations governing cannabis. It gets more complicated in the United States, for example, as federal law is not the same as state laws, which varies by state. Therefore, to be on the safe side, check the local regulations.

How and Where Do You Buy Marijuana Seeds?

Suppose you are in a country or state where you are allowed to grow cannabis. In that case, you should be able to find can nabis seeds in local dispensaries. However, the choices of strains might be limited. Optionally, you could also buy from reputable seed banks online.

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