Nirvana has been a massive name in the cannabis seed market since the 90s. Before the seed bank opened, its founder, Mau, worked in the Positronics, a popular Dutch grow shop, where he learned the ins and outs of the business. He then spent years traveling and collecting marijuana seeds, eventually used to develop new cannabis strains. The best were selected from these creations, and Nirvana Shop was finally launched.

Known for its value-for-money seeds, this Amsterdam-born company gives growers and collectors worldwide access to high-quality in-house genetics, many of which cannot be found elsewhere. These seeds, along with decades of excellent service and high germination rates, gave Nirvana the solid reputation it enjoys. Still, less-than-ideal experiences can happen when ordering from this webshop. Is it the best choice for your next seed purchase, or are there better stores for your needs? Read our detailed review for the answers and more.


Nirvana’s good-sized inventory of fine cannabis strains is one of the primary reasons for its unfaltering popularity. Its 96-seed catalog includes legendary varieties, such as Maui Waui, Sour Diesel, Gelato, OG Kush, White Widow, Northern Light, Girl Scout Cookies, Master Kush, and Durban Poison. You’ll also find trailblazing hybrids like Wonder Woman, AK-48, Jock Horror, Aurora Indica, Ice, Raspberry Cough, Papaya, and Somango XXL.

The strains are available in regular, feminized, and/or autoflowering seeds. To make searching easier, they are also categorized as Indica, Sativa, high THC, high CBD, indoor, outdoor, or high yield, among other things.

In addition, Nirvana sells various grow solutions and kits that will help you get started on your first cannabis grow. No matter your reason for cultivating weed, you’ll find this web store’s germinator kit and Propagator Pro extremely helpful. Nute solutions for optimal growth like root Xtender and Flowertab Nutrients can also be purchased here.

Shipping and Delivery

Nirvana ships worldwide to almost every country in the globe through regular stealth shipping. It currently costs +US$12.00 but is without tracking information. Among the few places, this company won’t ship their products to are Australia and Japan. We were unable to find this store’s no-ship list, so buyers will have to find out upon checkout, or they can contact customer service to ask. Do not worry if the shop cannot dispatch to your location, as they have several distributors you can try purchasing from.

According to the website, orders are processed as soon as the payment is received, which means it all depends on the chosen payment method. Although they didn’t mention it, except that orders placed after cutoff time and on weekends will be processed on the next business day.

Once the package ships out, buyers will immediately receive an email notification. The estimated delivery time varies from country to country. Parcels bound for The Netherlands arrive within 1 to 2 working days, while those intended for other European destinations can take up to 2 weeks and 3 to 4 weeks for the US and the rest of the world.

While Nirvana ensures orders are packages discreetly and securely, they do not have a delivery guarantee. We sent them an email asking about it, and their explanation was, “we ship with the mail and we don’t control the mail.” Fortunately, the company has a pretty good on-time delivery record.

Customer Service

Most online reviews for Nirvana that mention their customer service commend the company’s friendliness and eagerness to help. Our experience with the shop’s customer care team was also a positive one. Walter answered our email inquiries in a pleasant yet straightforward manner. We also greatly appreciate not waiting for many hours for a response, which is often the case with other seed banks.

Buyers can contact Nirvana customer support by calling, opening a ticket on the website, or emailing. Before reaching out, though, we recommend checking their comprehensive self-serve online information library to find the answers to commonly asked questions. The website also hosts Weedportal, a forum for cannabis growers, where Nirvana customers can chat amongst themselves, post questions, look for answers, and get or give cultivation advice.

Ease of Website Navigation

The first thing you’ll see on the Nirvana homepage is their available promotions, which no doubt is what many buyers would like to be made aware of. Searching for products on the portal is simple. From the ‘marijuana seeds’ tab, just choose the category that most closely represents the seed you’d like to grow. It’ll bring you to a category page with the most suitable options, along with pictures of the plants in full bloom.

All seed category pages, except limited editions and US marijuana seeds, are equipped with filters and a sort option to help customers find what they are looking for. The search results can be refined with these important criteria: plat type, plant height, average yield, flowering period, seed type, level of THC or CBD, effects, medical applications, and grow difficulty.

You can click the name or the thumbnail of the product you are interested in to see more information. Each product page contains details about the strain’s genetics, effects, and growth patterns, among many other things. Buyers will also find seed-specific reviews from real customers.

Overall, the Nirvana Shop website is excellently designed and straightforward to use.

Price and Special Offers

Nirvana Shop is a great place for low-cost to reasonably priced seeds and grow supplies. Despite being a popular brand, their products do not come with a luxury price tag, making them an excellent choice for beginners and growers on a tight budget.

Even nicer, the seed bank regularly has sales, discounts, and free seed promotions. There’s no need to look for discount codes and vouchers, but still keep an eye for bargain-basement deals.


Nirvana accepts payments through credit cards, cryptocurrencies, bank transfers, and mail-in cash in Euro, British Pound, US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, and Polish Zloty. The last three checkout options provide a discount or double seeds. Currently, customers cannot pay using checks, PayPal, money order, Western Union, and cash on delivery.

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