Homegrown Cannabis Co. is a US-based seed bank of in-house strains and an up-and-coming superstore. Under its brand spanking new umbrella are the now-defunct GYO Seedbank and The Single Seed Centre. White its two acquisitions failed miserably in establishing

credibility, HCC enjoys high satisfaction ratings thanks to its products and active customer service. There is no doubt that it’s a legitimate weed seep shop, but should you buy your next batch of seeds from them? Read our full review to know more about the website and what to expect if you make a purchase.


Homegrown Cannabis Co’s produces its own strains and offers nearly 500 seeds. Its best-sellers include Big Devil Autoflower, Crystal Feminized, Haze Autoflower, Northern Lights x Skunk Feminized, Shishkaberry Kush, and Critical x No Name Autoflower, and Chocolope x Kush Feminized. The feminized and autoflowering seeds of classics like White Widow, Blueberry, Wedding Cake, Gorilla Glue #4, Strawberry Kush, Bruce Banner, Grandaddy Purple, Sour Diesel, Strawberry Cough, Banana Kush, and Critical Kush are also a must-try.

In a market with too many existing seed sellers, having an inventory of unique strains is an excellent strategy and it serves Homegrown Cannabis Co. well. Online reviews rave about the rare genetics they provide and most buyers report growing healthy crops. That said, the majority of the negative feedback complain about receiving duds that never germinated.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. seeds come with an unusual kind of germination guarantee. You can claim reimbursement for seeds that fail to sprout within 90 days from receipt. If only 10 to 50% of the seeds are defective, you may get points of equal value to the Stash loyalty account and apply them on future purchases. On the other hand, a replacement will be shipped if over 50% of the seeds turn out faulty.

Shipping and Delivery

Homegrown Cannabis Co. ships out orders from Monday to Friday, with an estimated delivery timeframe of 5 to 10 days. Sadly, they only cater to customers in the US for now, and free shipping is only offered to purchases over $115. If you order from this seed bank, expect to receive a parcel in plain packaging without the company name or any indication of its contents.

Customer Service

Compared to GYO and Single Seed Centre, Homegrown Cannabis Co. provides a much-improved customer service experience. We tried their live chat and were initially given somewhat related articles by a chatbot. A few short minutes after, Maria D, a friendly virtual agent, helped us with our concerns, and she was very efficient. Apart from the chat option, buyers can get in touch with the customer care team via phone and e-mail.

The website is loaded with plenty of information created to guide buyers and growers. Its Help Center answers many frequently asked questions, the product description details how the strain can be grown and used, while the blog section provides various cultivation instructions.

Ease of Website Navigation

The Homegrown Cannabis Co. website is attractive and easy to navigate. Popular categories, such as weed seeds, best-sellers, BOGOs, and wholesale, are displayed on the main menu. The tabs either lead to a dropdown list of more options or a category page. When looking for seeds, buyers can limit the choices using the filter on the left side or sort the products according to name, price, popularity, or rating.

Price and Special Offers

Homegrown Cannabis Co’s seeds are at the higher end of the price spectrum. To give you an idea, their best-selling Big Devil Autoflower costs $80 for 4 seeds, putting the per-seed price at $20.

One way to save a bit is to order from the “Cheap Weed Seeds” page. Note that the thumbnails display the lowest available prices, which buyers can get if they purchase the larger/largest packs. For instance, the Critical Purple Autoflower thumbnail says “from $6.25 per seed,” but that is if you buy the 8-seed pack with 8 free seeds (total of 16 seeds) for $100.

Another option to get lower per-seed prices is to buy mix packs. Homegrown Cannabis Co has 33 mix pack choices, each containing 3 different strains with equal numbers of seeds. The 12 seed-pack (4 seeds per strain) costs $177, which brings down the per-seed price to $14.75.

Want more discounts? Join their loyalty program, “Homegrown Stash,” or, if you have GYO Eucalyptus Points, transfer them over to Stash.


Homegrown Cannabis Co. accepts a wide variety of payment methods. Customers can pay using a digital wallet (like Zelle), Bitcoin, credit cards, ACH, cash, check, or money order. If you are not comfortable putting your info online or sending your payment by mail, you may also complete the order over the phone.

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