Gorilla Seeds is a relatively new seed bank that started in the UK in 2011. Created out of the main founder’s frustration over disappointing seed purchases, the company aims to provide a great shopping and cultivation experience with the help of the founding team’s over 40 years of combined experience.

We can say that, although it has some issues that need working on, the young seed shop has managed to shine in several critical elements. Our extensive Gorilla Seed Bank has all the info to back this up.


The Gorilla Seeds inventory has offerings from over 60 different seed banks, including some crowd favorites like Barney’s Farm, Delicious Seeds, Dinafem, Dutch Passion, Nirvana Seeds, Royal Queen Seeds, and Sensi Seeds. They have feminized and autoflowering seeds for indoor, outdoor, or greenhouse cultivation–take your pick.

Gorilla Seeds is able to maintain a stock of great-quality seeds by only sourcing from carefully selected breeders. However, the company sometimes has problems with seed availability (buyers receiving a different strain due to unavailability despite being shown as in stock on the website), and it puts off a lot of growers.

Shipping and Delivery

Gorilla Seed Bank ships worldwide and only prepares orders in discreet packaging. Buyers will receive an e-mail containing the tracking information once the purchase is dispatched, typically within 48 hours after payment is confirmed.

We recommend opting for the Guaranteed Stealth option, so your orders will come with another item like a shirt or DVD case for an extra layer of stealthiness. In case your parcel gets lost in transit, it also includes one free reshipment.

Customer Service

Gorilla Seed Bank maintains a robust online presence in many cannabis-related forums, providing customer service and sharing beneficial advice to weed enthusiasts. If you have concerns, you can also get in touch with their CS team by phone or e-mail, or check their Support Centre for answers to many frequently asked questions.

Ease of Website Navigation

The Gorilla Seed Bank website is hip, well-organized, and free of too much information or options. Potential buyers won’t miss the popular categories–bestsellers, seed bank, feminized, autoflowering, and types–and the search field as they are at the top of the portal and accessible from every page. Plus, individual category pages display subcategories (feminized seeds autoflowering and feminized seeds CBD for feminized seeds), criteria filters, and sort options for greater convenience.

Price and Special Offers

Some weed seed shops offer cheaper seeds but tend to have a limited shipping range, making Gorilla Seed Bank’s long list of mostly moderately priced products very attractive. A single feminized seed currently costs between £9.49 and £29.99. If you purchase a larger pack, the price per seed is lower.

At the moment, all orders get free seeds, and buyers can choose and mix the strains. The Gorilla also provides random discounts without a minimum purchase amount.


The Gorilla doesn’t accept bananas but will happily take payments made through credit and debit cards, bank transfers, cash, and Bitcoin. Customers uncomfortable with putting their information online can order by phone.

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