World of Seeds is one of the most popular Spanish seed banks around. Known for their rich collection of landrace strains, it’s the go-to place for marijuana growers who wants seeds carrying ancestral genetics or their hybrids.

The company describes itself as founded to contribute to the proper medical use of cannabis and the awareness of risks associated with abuses of the plant. We can’t tell right now if the company’s aim to educate has reached a vast enough audience, but we’re certain its seeds have spread far and wide.

If you have yet to enter the World of Seeds, MSFS will reveal what you can expect. Is it a reliable source of cannabis seeds, especially of top-shelf weed strains? How reliable is this seller’s discreet packaging and shipping? This detailed review aims to answer these questions and provide many other useful information.


One of World of Seeds retailers wrote on their website, “a finer team of cannabis cultivation expertise would be tough to come by,” and most of the feedback available online seem to agree with this statement.

World of Seeds breeds using landrace genetics they’ve gathered from all over the globe. These rare indigenous strains are the source of its close to 50 in-house varieties. Offering a gene pool all types of growers can dive into, you can buy regular, feminized, automatic, and early harvest (more commonly fast version or fast flowering) seeds from this online store. They also have an exciting selection of mix packs and seeds from 37 other breeders like Green House Seed Co., Sensi Seeds, Nirvana, Kannabia, and Dutch Passion. Whether you prefer growing Sativa, Indica, or high-yield plants or dream of harvesting flowers with an introspective effect, you’ll find something you’ll love in this place.

The fan favorites from World of Seeds are Afghan Kush Ryder, Northern Light x Big Bud, Afghan Kush, Pakistan Valley, Colombian Gold, and Brazil Amazonia, with the landrace strains particularly popular to cannabis breeders. Besides seeds, the online store offers World of Seeds and Delicious Seeds official merchandise, such as cap, grinder, and hemp rolling papers.

Shipping and Delivery

According to the World of Seeds terms and conditions, the seed bank is aware of the laws of each country it ships products to. Therefore, the online shop will not sell to customers in countries where trade or possession of cannabis seeds is prohibited. If you can order, rest assured that all packages are completely discreet and will have no reference to cannabis.

World of Seeds offers two delivery methods—express courier delivery and priority/certified mail. Shipping can be free for orders over a certain value. Here are other shipping details you need to know:

France, Portugal, and Spain – Orders to these locations are always dispatched through express delivery for €10 and will take 2 to 5 business days. Spend more than €60 to get free shipping.

Other EU countries – Delivery takes 2 to 5 business days. The shipping fee is automatically waived for all purchases over €100. Otherwise, you pay €12.

Other destinations – All packages are only sent via priority/certified mail, and the delivery may take up to 20 days. Shell out €120 in this store and get free shipping or pay €12 to receive your seeds.

While doing our usual research, we stumbled upon similar negative feedback from customers who didn’t receive their seeds. They claim to have not received a refund, and no replacement was processed, prompting other growers to add that they buy World of Seeds products from other retailers to avoid this concern. The issue sheds a negative light on this otherwise very trustworthy seed bank, but may also just be few isolated incidents.

Customer Service

In several online weed grower communities, most of the feedback on World of Seeds’ customer service are positive, often describing their interaction as great and pleasant. We also contacted their customer care team via chat and email to provide an honest review. Sadly, we didn’t get a response to our simple inquiries after waiting for 24 hours on a working day and throughout the weekend. They also don’t have an FAQ page, and their blog section is also not helpful to potential buyers.

Ease of Website Navigation is a visually busy, busy space. The massive load of thumbnails and information is likely to put off potential buyers than draw their attention. From pictures of seeds in different color treatment per cannabis family line, symbols of effects and flavors, seed bank brand logos, and images of weed plants from various seed collections to pictures sent by growers, this portal’s homepage can be overwhelming.

Having this much clickable thumbnails is entirely unnecessary as it makes shopping less efficient. For instance, if I click on a certain taste icon, it leads to a product page of all relevant strains. There are no filter options to reduce the selection size, so you’d have to check each seed to see more information. If, however, you’d go straight to the category or sub-category page, you’d have access to filter and sort options, allowing you to weed out those that don’t meet your requirements quickly. Buyers can refine the search using criteria such as seed effects, smell,  resistance to mold, resistance to plagues, flavor, sex, indoor or outdoor harvest time, irrigation tolerance, and medicinal value, traits that matter to users and growers.

Besides the overcrowded homepage, the outlet and blog pages are also not quite what we’re used to. The outlet page offers various seed pack sizes of a particular strain and an anniversary pack. Similarly, the blog page contains promotions like limited edition packs and summer promos.

Price and Special Offers

Whether produced in-house or by other breeders, all seeds offered by World of Seeds are competitively priced. The cheapest seeds you can get from this online retailer are from Royal Queen Seeds, and they start at €4.00 per seed. If you want to get your hands on some WOS genetics, you’ll be looking at spending between €17.00 and €30.00 for a pack of 3 seeds, the smallest size they have.

Buyers can get hold of the most sought-after seeds from this company at a bargain price by opting for mix packs. Landrace lovers, traditional growers, and breeders can have 20 regular seeds (5 per strain) of Afghan Kush, Bubba Haze, Kilimanjaro, and South Africa kwazulu for only €35.00. If you prefer growing feminized seeds, WOS also has a couple of 8-seed collections (2 seeds per strain) at only €48.00 and other varieties for even less. Besides assorted packs, the company runs regular deals as well, offering different popular variants at a discount price.


Buyers can make their payment by credit card (Visa or Mastercard), bank transfer, cash via postal service, or Bitcoin.

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