Like any big and popular seed bank, SeedSupreme gets mixed reviews. This isn’t surprising since more negative feedbacks are bound to arise as more orders come in. The company is no doubt legit, but if the complaints are making you wonder if it’s worth trying, our review will help make up your mind. We’ll cover various aspects that matter when you are shopping online for your seeds and, by the end of this reading, you’ll know if this shop is for you.


SeedSupreme’s product selection is impressively vast — 5589 seeds from over 100 breeders as of writing. The company also has its in-house productions of popular favorites, such as White Widow, Zkittlez, Amnesia Haze, Big Bud, and Super Lemon Haze.

With a collection coming from so many different brands, the quality of the seeds may vary significantly, and, sadly, quality concerns are pretty common with this store.

Shipping and Delivery

SeedSupreme ships from its London and California hubs to nearly any country in the world. Orders are dispatched via tracked First Class Royal Mail or tracked USPS for US-bound packages. If you are worried about your parcel getting intercepted by customs, they offer an optional delivery guarantee should your purchase fail to reach you for an additional $10 fee.

SeedSupreme’s stealth packaging is too good that it sometimes causes issues. Some complaints report receiving a random item instead of their order. Funnily enough, these non-cannabis-related objects are secret containers that you simply have to dismantle to get your seeds.

Customer Service

You may contact SeedSupreme via email, explore their support page/FAQ, or utilize their Help web widget for any concerns.

In recent years, their customer service team has been putting more effort into addressing issues and negative reviews, but they don’t always offer a satisfactory fix. Often they credit the account with a negligible amount of Kush Money, the SeedSupreme’s reward currency, which ends up annoying buyers even more.

Additionally, the response time is inconsistent. Some customers get a response fast, while others wait for days or weeks. This inconsistency and delay in responses are an absolute retail turnoff.

Ease of Website Navigation

The SeedSupreme website is visually appealing and easy to navigate. Despite having an enormous inventory, searching for a seed or seed bank is straightforward as everything is well categorized. The category pages are also equipped with criteria filters, allowing portal visitors to view only the products that meet their preferred price, seed bank, pack size, flowering type, gender, THC level, CBD content, or rating.

Price and Special Offers

SeedSupreme gets huge discounts and bonuses from producers by buying in bulk, allowing the company to offer the seeds at low prices. For instance, 2-seed packs only cost between $12.65 and $17.38, while All 6-seed packs sell for just $75. Depending on the stock, they may also throw in free seeds with every order or put a selection of products on sale.

As mentioned, SeedSupreme has a loyalty scheme called Kush Money, which customers can redeem as a discount on their next orders. You can earn this website currency by registering an account, subscribing to their newsletter, ordering, or leaving a product review.


SeedSupreme accepts payment in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies or by cash by mail. This is quite limited compared to other seed banks, which typically accept debit and credit cards, bank transfers, or PayPal.

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