London Seed Centre started as a brick-and-mortar shop in 1998 before launching a website in 2002. With over 20 years of retailing experience, it is one of the oldest UK-based cannabis seed sellers today. The shop is also amongst the biggest, boasting an incredibly diverse collection of over 3,000 varieties and more than 100,000 seeds in stock.

While having a massive catalog gives weed enthusiasts access to possibly every desirable genetics, it can also be cumbersome to manage. Quality and inventory regulation are common problems. Is LSC suffering from such concerns or flying above them? What other things—negative and positive—can you expect from this cannabis seed shop? Our full review will tell you everything you need to know before making a purchase.


The self-proclaimed “UK’s largest Cannabis Seed Superstore” maintains a considerable list of breeders, including prominent names like Barney’s Farm, Big Buddha Seeds, Dinafem, DNA Genetics, Dutch Passion, Greenhouse Seeds, and Paradise. Their collection of over 3,000 different strains consists of feminized, autoflower, and regular seeds, some of which are Cannabis Cup Winners or extremely rare finds.

Overwhelmed with so much choices? You won’t go wrong with these best-sellers:

  • Blue Dream Auto
  • Formula 1 Auto
  • White Widow Auto
  • Lemon Haze Auto
  • Blue Dream
  • Dr Widow
  • Auto Northern Lights
  • Sour Diesel Auto
  • Auto Quick Satan
  • Purple Lemonade Auto

As mentioned, managing the quality and inventory of such an enormous stock can be challenging. We scoured feedback forums, and if London Seed Centre is struggling, we certainly cannot find widespread signs of it. Reviews are plenty enough to see that, for the most part, orders are fulfilled and buyers satisfied with their purchase or the plants that sprout from the seeds.

Shipping and Delivery

London Seed Centre processes all orders placed before 2 pm on the same day. For destinations in the UK and Northern Ireland, customers can choose guaranteed next day, first-class, or standard delivery. LSE also ships across the globe and will dispatch via Royal Mail international (recorded or tracked) wherever you are in the world.

Buyers have the option to get delivery insurance, as well as add another layer of obscurity to LSC’s plain white packaging. To make the seeds more discreet, a sealed DVD or secret storage book can be used as a container for an extra cost.

Customer Service

We contacted London Seed Center via email with a bunch of questions to test out how they’d respond to newbie concerns. While the response time leaves more to be desired, the reply we received had a pleasant tone and the answers were correct.

If you have queries, you can get in touch with London Seed Centre via email or phone. You may also drop by their physical shop to get expert advice or assistance from their in-store employees.

Ease of Website Navigation is a simple yet beautiful and functional website with a subtle industrial feel to it. The homepage displays promotions and a rotating list of breeders that are sure to attract visitors’ interest. At the navigation bar, you’ll find several popular categories all or most cannabis growers are familiar with, such as seed banks, cup winners, CBD, autoflowers, and high yielders. Each seed category leads to a product category page with sort and filter options to make your seed shopping more straightforward. With over 3,000 strains to choose from, you certainly would be needing them. The seed bank category page, on the other hand, has a keypad, alphabetic filter, and its own search field to refine results from over 200 options.

Price and Special Offers

No matter your budget, you’ll find plenty of great options in London Seed Centre. The cheapest strains available in one-seed packs only cost £4.50. If your desired seed is on the expensive side, you can purchase it in larger packs to bring the price per unit down.

Apart from its diverse pricing, London Seed Centre lures buyers with tempting promotions. They currently offer free seeds with every order, a loyalty scheme that gives away seed chips. Now, who doesn’t want free seeds and credit points?


Buyers from the UK can pay by cash, UK postal order, UK money order, or UK bankers draft. If you’re from outside the UK, London Seed Centre can only accept payments in cash or through debit or credit cards.

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