True North is a relatively new and unknown seed bank that’s still trying to gain a good foothold in the commercial weed seed market. An initially medical cannabis seeds-only shop based in Toronto, they now also cater to growers of recreational strains and distribute seeds from top breeders worldwide from their office in Canada and the UK.

True North receives occasional negative feedback like every other seed bank, but they’re not nearly bad or frequent enough for anyone to dismiss this online store. It has the potential to be great in the coming years, and this review will reveal why we think so.


True North offers regular, feminized, autoflowering, auto-regular, and auto-feminized varieties from over 50 breeders. Some of the elite brands you might recognize are Barney’s Farm, DNA Genetics, Sensi Seeds, Nirvana Seeds, Dutch Passion, G13 Labs, and CBD Crew. Because the company does not breed its own, the quality of the seeds you will receive depends on the brand purchased.

No idea on what to get? You won’t go wrong with these tried and tested best-sellers:

Shipping and Delivery

True North prepares all orders in stealth packaging and ships worldwide (with tracking information). For complete peace of mind, buyers can also add “Extra Safe” shipping products and/or the Guaranteed Delivery Insurance (Canada & USA shipment only) in the cart or upon checkout. Purchases amounting to $420 or more bound for the US and Canada automatically get free delivery.

Customer Service

The True North customer service team generally provides a positive experience. They try to address concerns efficiently and, unlike contacting your internet provider, calls typically don’t involve long waits or holds. Currently, customers can contact them via e-mail, call their toll-free number, or refer to the website’s FAQ page, but perhaps they can add a chat option in the future, like other seed banks.

Ease of Website Navigation

True North’s portal is simple, user-friendly, and well-organized. The main menu displays popular categories, such as cannabis seeds, seed banks, promotions, and accessories, each one leading to a dropdown list of sub-categories or an information page. In individual category pages, visitors can shop or filter search results by seed bank, price, sex, variety, yield, and THC content, among others. They can also use the Advanced Seed Finder function for more refined or precise search results.

Price and Special Offers

The seeds in the True North inventory ranges between $12 and $51, with CBD seeds commanding premium price tags. Working on a tight budget? Check their promotions page

for sales, breeder-specific promos,  and crypto discounts. If you subscribe to the company’s newsletter, you also get a 30% discount on your next order.


True North accepts these payment methods:

  • Credit/debit cards (MasterCard & Diners)
  • International money order (US & Canada only)
  • cash
  • Bank transfers (US and Canada only)
  • E-transfers
  • Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc.)

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