ICE Head Shop claims to be the foremost CBD store in the UK. With a 4.69 rating and 92% recommendation from over 8,038 feedback in, they may be right to think so. The one-stop shop for cannabis products and accessories is under the umbrella of Cheeky Charms Limited, along with a namesake weed seed-only retailing company.

The self-proclaimed CBD superstore gives a great first impression. It boasts attention-grabbing promotions and an impressive catalog of CBD products from reputable brands. A lot of other online sellers have that, though, so the good question is, “Is there more to ICE Head Shop besides having the right names and words on display?” Our full review will reveal the answer.


ICE has a lot of CBD products in store for your health and well-being needs. Their many offerings include e-liquids, isolates, lotions, extracts, and edibles from popular brands such as CBDistillery, Koi, CBD fx, and Green Roads. A truly wide-ranging store, cannabis enthusiasts can also buy dabbers, grinders, bongs, and other accessories from this website.

While primarily offering CBD products, ICE Head Shop offers thousands of cannabis seeds as well. The seeds are sourced from trustworthy seed banks and breeders like Barney’s Farm, Blimburn Seeds, Dinafem Seeds, Dutch Passion, Sensi Seeds, and Zambeza Seeds. Within the grasp of growers strictly for consumable buds is an extensive range of feminized and autoflowering seeds. A sizable collection of regular seeds is also available for traditional cultivators and breeders. If you don’t want to browse through pages and pages of options, you can choose from their best-sellers, which include Critical +, White Widow x AK, OG Kush, Auto AK, Auto Critical x Auto NL, and Auto Northern Lights.

Shipping and Delivery

ICE Head Shop ships to various locations in Europe and beyond. They cater to nearly all the places included on the checkout page’s country dropdown list. However, some may give the error message, “Sorry, no quotes are available for this order at this time,” which basically means they can’t dispatch to the chosen destination.

All orders are prepared in discreet packaging, and most are shipped within one working day, except for seeds and other specialist items. Same-day delivery within the UK is possible for orders placed before 3:45 pm (UK time). This is fantastic news for medical cannabis users in need of their dose of CBD asap.

Customer Service

The ICE Head Shop customer care team is one of the best in the cannabis online retailing industry. Their agent demonstrated friendliness, efficiency, and good product knowledge throughout the several chat conversations we had with them. We inquired about some products, and Martee C. And Jess very graciously answered all of our concerns. They even sent a follow-up email regarding our question about the proper starting dosage.

If you wish to contact ICE customer service, you may do so via chat, phone, and email.

Ease of Website Navigation

ICE Head Shop has thousands of products, but their website does not feel crowded or overwhelming at all. Quite the opposite, it is organized and has just the right amount of images and information to keep visitors interested. Navigating through the online store with a new customer mindset, we found the shopping experience smooth and seamless, thanks to its layout and correctly classified products. Each category has sub-categories that lead to a page with sort and filter options, allowing buyers to get a much-refined selection quickly.

If we can add anything to, it would be a best-seller list for different CBD products. They have one for the cannabis seeds, and it makes choosing a lot easier when facing “choice overload,” and you have no idea what to buy.

Price and Special Offers

The price range of products sold in ICE Head Shop varies from affordable to luxury rates. That said, most of the offerings are low- or reasonably priced.

The online store is also quite generous to their customers. Spend £50, and a 10% discount is automatically applied to the order. Spend over £100, and slash 20% off your purchase.

Besides getting a discount, buyers can earn ICE points, which allows them to save and get better value for their next purchase. You receive 10% of every pound, euro, or dollar you spend on this shop. Place a £50 order, and £5 worth of points is added to your account.


ICE Head Shop accepts bank transfers, cash by post, and credit/debit cards. The transaction will appear as TFW in your bank statement.

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