A blunt provides a unique smoking experience. Combining your favorite herb with tobacco offers more potent effects and flavor than you would get from a regular joint. Although a blunt doesn’t get you higher, some smokers said that they feel extra buzzy after smoking one.

If this is your first time hearing about Backwoods, you might be wondering how they gained attention and made their way into the cannabis community. In this post, you’ll learn about the steps on how to roll Backwoods as well as the best roller machines.

What is a Backwoods Blunt?

The Backwoods tobacco brand was introduced to the market in 1973. It’s a kind of cigar that’s available in a wide variety of flavors and sizes throughout the country. The primary thing that differentiates it from other cigar brands is that it’s made with unrefined tobacco, so it looks like a Fronto leaf.

A Backwoods cigar is bulkier than a regular cigarillo wrap, and because it’s made from an entire leaf, you should be aware of the veins when re-rolling or unwrapping it. These types of wraps give rougher and more nicotine-bearing hits, so you should be careful when you puff one.

Keep in mind that this kind of cigar can carry more weed than an average wrap. And since it’s created from pure tobacco leaf, it causes health hazards that apply to any kind of tobacco.

Backwoods are rolled in the Dominican Republic, but the outside wrap is a Connecticut Broadleaf. They smell like regular cigars, but you can also detect added flavorings like honey bourbon, sweet aromatic, and honey berry.

Unlike other cigars, Backwoods are designed to be unwrapped by hand, allowing the guts to come out neatly. They’re simple to roll, and with just minimal effort, you can create a firm and pleasant blunt. However, the leaf is more susceptible to breakage, and it might be more complicated to make it stick.

Backwoods Blunt

What are the Benefits of Rolling a Backwoods Blunt?

Although this kind of cigar has a higher nicotine content compared to other brands, some blunt smokers will consider it an advantage because of its unique buzz. More experienced smokers who have already established a tolerance toward nicotine may feel a sudden burst of energy and an improved high after toking a blunt of Backwoods.

Another benefit of a Backwoods blunt is it burns longer. Whether you smoke it alone or share it with your like-minded friends, any occasion is suitable to roll a Backwoods.

If you’re looking for better taste and good quality, these types of cigars are worth spending on.

How do You Roll a Backwoods Blunt?

Before we proceed with the steps, here’s some information about buying Backwoods. They’re available in packs of different quantities. A single is the most inexpensive, of course. In most states, the price is below $2. Depending on your state’s taxes, you might even be able to buy it for under a buck.

For a pack that contains 5 cigars, the price is higher at $5 to $7, but you’ll get a better deal per cigar. A box that contains 40 cigars can give you a bigger discount. It’s the best deal per unit, costing anywhere from $37 to $40 per box.

Besides a pack of Backwoods, you’ll also need:

  • A rolling tray (because you’ll be disposing of the old contents of the cigar, and the entire process could be a little messy)
  • Your favorite weed
  • A grinder
  • Steaming hot water

When it comes to blunts, every smoker has their preference. Unlike other brands, Backwoods uses 100% natural aged tobacco leaf. The aging process enhances the flavor, so you’ll get sweetness and caramel tinges. They’re already tasty on their own, but you can raise the bar even more by complementing it with your favorite herb.

After preparing the materials, you can now carry out the procedure on how to roll a Backwoods blunt:

Step 1: Grind the bud

Grinding the cannabis is essential when rolling a Backwoods since the delicate leaf is prone to breakage caused by seeds and stems. Make sure that your grind the buds finely. A minimum of 1 gram of bud can make a beautiful fat blunt.

Less than that makes the blunt appear too slender, and it’s far from the ideal ratio of tobacco to weed, producing an undesirable flavor. If you want a larger blunt, you can use 1.5 grams of bud, and it still won’t look very hefty.

Step 2: Wet and unwrap

This is where the hot water comes into play. Hold the Backwoods cigar over the steaming hot water and spin it around to soften the leaf. When you feel that it’s starting to open, you can unroll it gently and remove the tobacco.

You’ll notice that one of the Backwoods’ ends is more firmly wrapped than the other. Begin unwrapping from that end slowly and steadily. This is important because the leaf tears easily, and you could miss the opportunity to roll a perfect blunt.

Make sure that every piece of tobacco leaf gets enough moisture from the steam. If some parts are too dry, it will make the process of rolling it back more complicated.

If you don’t have hot water available, the traditional way of doing this demands a great deal of saliva to wet the leaf. Don’t smoke before trying this because you’re going to have cottonmouth.

Step 3: Reroll the wrap

When the leaf is completely unwrapped, you’ll notice that the tobacco comes out easily. Next, you have to moisten the inner part of the leaf. This entails a lot of spitting if you prefer to take the traditional approach.

Once the leaf is soft enough, you can lay the cannabis in your wrap. Perform a systematic roll, compress, and roll, pushing down with your thumbs before gently rolling. The rolling is the most crucial part and will require some practice and patience to create the best blunt.

Continue rolling and inserting the rounded edge of the Backwoods to encompass the flower. Don’t give up if you aren’t successful the first time.

Step 4: Seal the blunt

A good seal ensures that the blunt remains rolled. To do this, you need to steam it again or just moisten the entire outer part of the blunt with saliva. You can also smoothen the other edge by using scissors for a neater appearance.

On the other hand, you can use a roller to make things easier. You can also watch this video for a tutorial.

What are the Best Backwood Rollers?

Here are some of the best brands of rollers you can try:

Melow Cigarette Roller

Estimated Price: $16

Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 1.1 x 1.5 inches

This cigarette roller is made of plastic, and it can be used with rolling papers and Backwoods. It’s compact and portable so that you can bring it anywhere with you. It’s very simple to use, allowing you to roll your perfect blunt in less than a minute with the help of the instructions included in the packaging.

Melow Cigarette Roller

Cigar Rolling Machine

Estimated Price: $20

Product Dimensions: 12.5 x 13 x 3.8 inches

You can also roll your cigar with the help of this cigar roller from King Rollers. This machine creates a faster and easier blunt by making the leaf bind evenly around the filler. It has a ratchet on the side, so you can adjust the gauge of the cigar. This unit is handcrafted from solid walnut and brass to last a lifetime of rolling cigars.

Cigar Rolling Machine

LOSTABA Cigarette Rolling Machine

Estimated Price: $18

Product Dimensions: 5.2 x 3.2 x 0.8 inches

This cigarette rolling machine is made of metal with a smooth finish and an anti-dropping feature. It can accommodate up to 25 grams of tobacco or 30 cigarettes. It’s easy to use with only three simple steps that you can find on the manual included in the packaging. As for the size, it’s small enough to carry in your pocket and be ready to use whenever you want to roll a blunt.

LOSTABA Cigarette Rolling Machine


What should you look for in a Backwoods blunt wrap?

First and foremost, the wrap should be fresh. You want to look for the freshest Backwoods pack possible to help you achieve a better roll. Second, avoid cigars that have a visible stem running through them. Rolling will be much harder if there’s a stem present in your leaf.

What are the available flavors of Backwoods cigars?

This brand is available in plenty of pack sizes and flavors, such as sweet aromatic, original, honey bourbon, and honey berry. Once in a while, you’ll also encounter limited-edition flavors like banana and dark stout.

How do you make a Backwoods blunt burn slower?

You can try a few methods to ensure that your Backwoods blunt burns evenly and slowly. The best way is to roll the blunt nice and tight. If it’s too loose, the cherry will go down the roll much faster. But if the weed is rolled tightly, it takes longer to burn it.

Another way to slow down the burn is to add concentrate. It’s because concentrate vaporizes at a higher temperature than cannabis flower, so it can help to slow down the overall burn of your Backwoods blunt.

Final Thoughts

Although the steps required to roll a Backwoods blunt are quite easy, you need to experiment a bit and be familiar with the composition of the wrap before you proceed. Once you’ve mastered the steps, you’ll have another way to smoke your favorite weed.

Backwoods are an excellent way to enjoy your weed since they allow you to roll larger quantities than regular cigarillos. They’re also great for sharing with a large group of friends.