PevGrow is a cannabis seed bank with an online and brick-and-mortar operation based in Valencia, Spain. Founded in January 2010, the continuously expanding business also launched a grow blog in 2013 and their very own PEV Seeds in 2014.

Among PevGrow’s collection of over 3000 seed varieties are well-received in-house creations. The webstore also offers various weed grow products and consumption paraphernalia, making it a one-stop-shop for many of your cannabis needs.

While still relatively new in the industry, PevGrow certainly has the making of a future superstore. It gets a lot of important things right but also has its share of issues. Our detailed review will help you figure out if the pros outweigh the cons and if this seed bank is the perfect choice for you.


The PevGrow catalog sells thousands of seeds from over 100 breeders. As mentioned, they also offer PEV Bank Seeds for growers looking for exclusive cannabis varieties at a reasonable price. The products are available in autoflowering, feminized, and regular form. Here are their top sellers per seed type and classification:

Feminized: Bruce Banner, Banana Kush, and Skunk 1

Autoflowering: Critical Plus, Gorilla Glue Auto, and Magnum Auto

Regular: Shiva Shanti, Bubble Gum, and White Russian

High-CBD: Gorilla Glue Auto CBD, Afghan Kush CBD Auto, and Girl Scout Cookies CBD

High THC: Y Griega, Crystal Meth, and Amnesia Lemon Kush

High Time Cannabis Cup Winners: OG Kush, Haze XXL, and White Widow

Hemp: Fedora 17, Futura 75, and Felina 32

Easy-to-grow: Bruce Banner, Black Mamba Auto, and Jack Herer

Indica-Dominant: Jack Herer, OG Kush, Big Bud XXL

Sativa-Dominant: Northern Lights x White Widow, Y Griega, and Moby Dick

Customers buying from PevGrow benefit from their money-back guarantee. They have a guarantee policy that allows you to return any purchased item that is not satisfactory for exchange or refund within 100 days upon receipt. It is also applicable to seeds that failed to germinate as long as the buyer used the germination method indicated in their “how to germinate seeds of marijuana” article.

Apart from their spectacular list of choices, this return and warranty policy is one of the most significant advantages of buying from PevGrow. Their return timeframe is way longer than the usual 14 days offered by many retailers, which is also what’s stated under the return and refund laws in the EU.

Shipping and Delivery

PevGrow ships to nearly every country in the world. However, to avoid problems with the authorities or customs confiscating your order, we highly recommend checking the local laws first.

The shipping cost depends on the package’s weight and country of destination. If you’ll only buy seeds, PevGrow offers free shipping for purchases that meet these conditions:

  • Ordersover €30 for delivery within Spain
  • Orders over €100 bound anywhere in Europe
  • Orders over €150 for shipping anywhere outsideEurope
  • Pick up at their Valencia store for any amount

According to the PevGrow shipping page, the seed bank typically ships orders within 24 hours. Delivery for orders in Spain takes 2 to 3 business days and 4 to 10 working days for other European countries. Naturally, packages for outside Europe take the longest to arrive, reaching international customers within 6 to 20 working days. For more details on PevGrow’s shipping rates, please check this link here

If you’d check online forums and review sites, one of the most common and damaging complaints about PevGrow talks about long or failed delivery. We deep-dived into these issues and noticed that customers from the US are the ones experiencing such concerns. The long delivery isn’t a shock since the orders are coming all the way from Spain, and it’s also possible that the US customs is not buying the discreetness of plain envelopes anymore.

Buyers can add another layer of discretion to their parcel by including a t-shirt in their order for €12. The seeds will be placed inside the merchandise, effectively camouflaging them from the prying eyes of inspectors. You can also get delivery insurance to ensure that a replacement will be shipped if the initial order gets lost in transit or retained by customs. Note that the reshipment will not be trackable, and insurance claims due to failed delivery because of incorrect shipping information will be denied.

Customer Service

Getting negative feedback is unavoidable, especially in the very complex online retailing industry, but we see a red flag if the same complaints appear way too often. So far, we noticed that unresponsive or unreachable customer service is amongst the usual complaints vexed PevGrow buyers post online. It would be terribly wrong for us to say that there’s a pattern of customer avoidance this early since such bad reviews are still quite few, but reading a couple does give that impression.

To be fair, the amount of positive feedback the PevGrow support gets is overwhelmingly more than the poor ones. We also reached out to them as a potential buyer with some questions and got a reply within 4 hours. The response was not only fast but also friendly and informative.

Ease of Website Navigation

The PevGrow portal is easy to use and easy on the eyes. There’s a good blend of colors,   images, and information, so visitors won’t feel visually overwhelmed and distracted. Additionally, the layout and product cataloging allow fuss-free browsing. The tabs can display a dropdown list of popular categories or go straight to the category page with criteria filters on the side. Clicking on the product name or thumbnail leads to the product page with a nice amount of information and customer reviews that can help buyers decide.

The only thing we’d like to add to the website is a sort option on the category pages. With over 3000 seeds to choose from, the list tends to still be uncomfortably long even after using criteria-specific filters. It would make the search for seeds easier if results could be sorted in a logical order based on desired values or conditions, such as price, popularity, and rating.

Price and Special Offers

Growers and collectors on a tight budget can find in-house seeds and varieties from other breeders within their price range on the PevGrow website. Besides having affordable options, the price per unit goes down if you buy larger packs. For instance, a seed of BCN Critical XXL costs €3.99, but buyers can get it for only €2.13 per piece from 5-seed packs and €1.87 from 25-seed packs.

Moreover, customers have access to PevGrow’s selection of seeds sold at reduced prices; some offered at 40% less than the original price. A 10% discount also awaits those who will pay using cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

Besides price reductions, all orders include a free gift. Buyers can choose from smoking paraphernalia, feminized seeds, or autoflowers, depending on the amount purchased. For more free seeds, leave a comment in the portal or a positive review on Google.


PevGrow accepts payments through bank transfers, cash, credit and debit cards, cryptocurrency, and deposits in La Caixa ATMs. Buyers can change the currency at the top left of the portal to automatically convert the product prices and checkout amount.

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