The Ministry of Cannabis is a Barcelona-based seed bank with a production operation in The Netherlands and Spain. For over 15 years, they’ve been creating and offering a lineup of crowd favorites and must-try hybrids that has turned many growers into loyal customers. The company is also renowned for its top-notch customer service and active involvement in cannabis-related events across the globe.

Bad reviews are inevitable, but many weed seed buyers who have tried the Ministry of Cannabis recommend the store. Read our full review to learn what separates this online shop from its competitors.


For such a popular seed bank, the very small inventory of the Ministry of Cannabis comes as a surprise. This is because the company breeds their own strains, which is a rigorous process that takes time. As I write, they only offer 13 feminized seeds, 11 autoflower seeds, and a few mix seed packs. The choices may be limited, but it makes for a more effective stock quality and inventory control. Choosing is also easier since buyers don’t have to go through pages after pages of seeds.

No matter your preference, you’ll find something you’ll like in the Ministry of Seeds. Classics like White Widow and Northern Lights are two of the company’s best-selling strains. Auto Mandarin Haze, Autopilot XXL, Auto CBD Star, Big Bud XXL, Ultra White Amnesia, and Zensation are also doing well in the sales race.

If you’d like to switch strains from time to time, combo packs are an excellent choice. They offer two mixes of feminized seeds and three autoflowers, each one with a similar primary effect.

Shipping and Delivery

Ministry of Cannabis ships anywhere in the world and sends out packages within 24 to 48 hours after the order is placed. All parcels are trackable, with a destination-based shipping fee and delivery timeframe. Additionally, packages are completely discreet and free of any reference to their contents.

Customer Service

Ministry of Cannabis puts a high priority on customer satisfaction. Apart from providing a personal touch to every interaction with buyers, you can also reach them anytime via email, Whatsapp, and Telegram or leave a comment on their social media pages. We asked a couple of newbie questions via chat, and their very friendly customer care team addressed each one. Based on our own experience, online reviews, and their social responses, we’re quite confident that customer service is one of the things that clear the path for this company’s business success.

Ease of Website Navigation is simple, clean, and easy to navigate. There are just five main categories — feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds, CBD seeds, mix of seeds, and merchandising. Each one leads to a page that displays a shortlist of products that is easy to sort through. The individual seed pages are just as straightforward to use as they are furnished with only the necessary information, along with buyer-submitted reviews that can help other shoppers decide.

Price and Special Offers

Ministry of Cannabis seeds have low to moderate prices. A pack of two feminized seeds costs around €12.50 to €23.00, while the largest packs, which contains 25 seeds, sell between €101.00 and €186.00. Autoflower seeds have a similar price range. On the other hand, CBD seed prices run from €19.00 to €21.00 for 2-seed packs and €142.00 to €171.00 for 25-seed packs.

One way to save is to purchase bigger seed packets or go for combo packs. You may also subscribe to the company newsletter to have access to some deals.


Ministry of Cannabis accepts payments through credit and debit cards, international bank transfers, cash, Bitcoins, and Ria money transfers. The seed bank only charges in euros except in cash transactions, which can be done in Euros, AUD dollars, CAD dollars, US dollars, or GB pounds.

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