The relatively new Bomb Seeds first detonated its explosive seeds in 2007. However, their story goes way back to the mid-1990s when their future breeders traveled across Southeast Asia to collect rare native varieties of cannabis. These landrace hunters eventually settled in The Netherlands, commencing a vigorous breeding program that resulted in the birth of the Buzz Bomb and THC Bomb. From these incredibly potent creations sprang other sought-after Bomb Seeds babies that cemented the seed bank’s status as one of the best breeders in the industry.

There’s no question to Bomb Seeds’ ability to produce must-try varieties, but how’s the customer-facing side of the business? Can it also be rated as A+ as with the strains that come out of its breeding lab? Find out if this seed bank can provide an experience as explosive as its name in our full review.


Bomb Seeds creates fireworks in the form of incredibly potent marijuana strains. Both hobby growers and commercial cultivators can’t keep their hands off this breeder’s honey pot of kick-ass genetics as it keeps daredevils and seasoned tokers coming back for more. Unlike other seed banks, their catalog of vertigo-inducing and body-melting varieties is small, but these war machines can demolish the competition in yield size and THC or CBD contents. Currently, the seed armory consists of 17 feminized seeds, 10 regular seeds, and 6 autoflowers. The most popular choices are:

Bomb Seeds remains tight-lipped about the lineage of THC Bomb and Buzz Bomb, their earliest strains and backbone of their collection. This isn’t surprising, as some breeders find it necessary to stay hush-hush about their genetic ingredients to thrive in the cutthroat cannabis breeding industry. Despite the secrecy, many weed enthusiasts continue to grow and smoke these proprietary strains, attesting to their potency, quality, and yield.

The consensus on Bomb Seeds products is very positive. The seed bank claims that all their seeds are batch tested under optimum climate conditions and attained a 95%+ germination rate. After rummaging through various public forums, there’s no doubt the percentage is really up there.

Shipping and Delivery

Bomb Seeds ships worldwide using discreet, blank packaging, but make sure to check local laws before placing an order. You can email their customer service team for the complete list of countries they cater to or create an account and find out upon checkout. All orders are typically dispatched within 24 hours, with a delivery timeframe varying depending on the destination. Here’s the estimate:

UK – 1 to 2 business days

Europe – 5 to 8 business days

International – 7 to 21 business days

Orders within the UK are sent via Royal Mail Recorded, while international orders are shipped through Royal Mail Airsure or International Signed. As per the FAQ page, the parcels can be tracked, but buyers must contact Bomb Seeds customer service for the tracking information. We find this odd as online cannabis seed stores usually send the shipping details once the package ships out.

Note that Bomb Seeds takes discreet packaging on an entirely different level. We’ve seen reviews mentioning that their seeds were sewn into socks, a baby bib, and some other forms of fabric. So if you receive a random item, just make a thorough inspection and you’d find your bag of seeds very discreetly hidden in or on it.

Bomb Seeds offers ‘Guaranteed stealth,’ a delivery insurance that provides another level of reassurance to customers for an added cost. If your package does not arrive and the tracking shows it has not been delivered after a specific timeframe, a one-time reshipment will be issued free of charge.

Customer Service

Sadly, Bomb Seeds’ customer service needs a lot of improvement. We contacted them via email and Facebook for a simple inquiry but got no response. Some of the poor reviews we found complain about the same experience. If this seed bank wants to maintain a positive image, they need to build an active and engaged customer care team.

Ease of Website Navigation

Browsing through is straightforward. Its navigation bar only displays home, shop (for seeds), merch, FAQs, and competition (a soon to be revealed feature). At the footer, you’d find links to information about the seed bank’s retailers, shipping, returns, payment, and legal disclaimers, among others.

The simplicity of the website and its product sub-category pages match well with Bomb Seeds’ small collection of seeds. Potential buyers might find the lack of search filters a bit odd at first, but with just 23 seeds in total and handy sort options, finding the right one won’t be that complicated.

Price and Special Offers

Bomb Seeds is perfect for growers on a tight budget. Their feminized and autoflowering seeds sell between £25.00 and £37.00 in 5-piece packs and £42.00 to £68.00 for 10 seeds. On the other hand, regular seeds are only available in 10-seed packs, costing around £16.50 to £28.50.

Besides the affordable prices, Bomb Seeds throws in one free seed to every order. Spend more than £60, and they’ll add in two extra seeds.


Buyers can pay for the order through credit or debit card, bank transfer, money order, or cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Etherium).

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