MSNL, which stands for, is one of the most popular cannabis seed shops online. The company has been around since 1999, developing the formula to effective weed e-commerce and building a reputation as an excellent source for reliable products at reasonable prices.

If you’re thinking of buying from this seed bank, you have to keep reading to find out the many factors contributing to MSNL’s success.


MSNL gets its seeds straight from highly trusted Dutch producers. By buying in bulk and keeping its catalog relatively smaller than other online sellers, the company can offer its products at discount prices.

Growers can choose from a wide range of regular, feminized, high-CBD, and autoflower seeds, including many award winners and legendary strains such as:

All MSNL seeds are refrigerated and not kept in stock for more than 60 days for maximum freshness. In favorable conditions, they regularly produce close to a 100% germination rate, but the seed bank cannot guarantee as cannabis seeds are a natural product.

Shipping and Delivery

While their name suggests that they operate from The Netherlands,  MSNL is actually a UK-based seed bank. The company ships to anywhere in the world from its London office, and all orders are dispatched within 24 hours or the next business day, always in discreet packaging.

The countless online reviews for MSNL show just how quickly buyers receive their orders, which clearly indicates that it puts a high priority on fast shipping. Giving customers options on how clandestine they want their parcel to be — standard, stealth, or guaranteed stealth-also improves the overall shopping experience.

Customer Service

Customers can reach MSNL via phone call or by filling out the Contact Us form. Their customer service team is available between 9 am and 5 pm GMT on regular business days but may need up to 72 hours to respond if contacted outside the mentioned operating hours.

Some reviews claim to have not received a reply to their inquiry or that it took more than a day. If it’s taking a while and you need an urgent answer to your concern, you can check MSNL’s extensive FAQ page, which answers common questions and issues of potential customers.

Ease of Website Navigation

As one of the first online seedbanks in the world, MSNL’s early start gave them plenty of time to develop a user-friendly website with an engaging interface. Even customers who are not tech-savvy can easily navigate through the portal and find the right seed for them. Simply click on your choice of category — regular, feminized, autoflower, high-CBD, strain types, value packs, top strains, wholesale, or sale — and go from there.

Price and Special Offers

As explained before, MSNL purchases in bulk directly from top Dutch seed producers, so buyers can benefit from the savings. For instance, you can get a 10-pack of OG Kush feminized seeds for only £38.50. Now isn’t that a steal? The generous seed bank, known for its never-ending sales or promotions, have these money-saving offers:

  • Two free seeds with every order
  • 15% discount for using Bitcoin
  • A Reward Program that gives points for every order, referring a friend, as a birthday gift, etc.


MSNL accepts credit and debit cards, Bitcoin, bank transfers, and cash in various currencies for paying your order. The use of a credit or debit card is the fastest, but feel free to use any of the mentioned methods. According to the seed bank, their website is 100% secure, and customer feedback confirms this claim.