Herbies Seeds, also known as Herbies Head Shop, started in the early 2000s as a UK-based seed reseller. The company has since moved to Alicante, Spain, in 2019 and ventured into breeding in-house strains. While the seed bank enjoys a glowing reputation in growers’ communities worldwide with its commendable customer service and high-quality offerings, it is not without some areas for improvement. Read this review to find out if this weed seed shop has what it takes to satisfy your cannabis cultivation needs.


Herbies Seeds has a collection of up to 2000 seeds from 134 different breeders, all kept in a climate-controlled environment and inspected prior to dispatch. The company boasts a high germination rate but the per seed quantity of its long inventory list runs low, which can be an issue for large-scale cultivators. On the flip side, hobby/home growers love that the shop allows single seed purchases.

Shipping and Delivery

Herbies Seeds ships to 102 countries, and delivery is often fast. All orders include tracking

information and are prepared in discreet packaging. It’s industry standard to hide the seeds in a DVD case and ship them in a plain, padded envelope. If this does not suffice, choose the stealth option, so your purchase can be disguised as a random item for maximum confidentiality.

Customer Service

People tend to spend more in companies with excellent customer service, and Herbies Seeds most certainly know this. Their CS team actively responds to issues posted on their website and public forums, typically with an acceptable solution. In turn, some negative reviews are revised and more positive experiences are created.

Get in touch with Herbies Seeds via phone, email, webchat, social media, or WhatsApp. If you received defective seeds, please contact them within 60 days after the delivery.

Ease of Website Navigation

The Herbies Head Shop website is a bit overwhelming at first because of the huge amount of information on the homepage. While the seed categories are laid out neatly on one side, the rest of the portal is bombarded with promotions, “useful” info, news, and rows of thumbnails from popular seed collections such as top sellers, new arrivals, and cheap strains, among others.

Thankfully, individual category pages are a lot less busy and are equipped with criteria filters, allowing buyers to find suitable seeds efficiently. The website also has a tool for comparing seeds to help you decide.

Price and Special Offers

Expect to see competitive pricing and lower per seed cost in multiple seeds per pack orders

from Herbies Head Shop. For instance, Bruce Banner #3 feminized costs €8.49 per seed, but is only €23.5 for 3 seed-packs and €66.3 for 10 seed-packs. The company also has an entire page dedicated to promotions, mostly displaying breeder-specific, free seed deals and discounts with minimum spend conditions.


Herbies Head Shop accepts payments through credit cards, bank transfers, and bitcoin. Note that all transactions on this website are made in euros, and the exchange rate is updated every Friday.

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