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Crop King Seeds started in the early 2000s in Canada but closed in 2005 due to the legal uncertainties of cannabis in the country. The seed bank eventually re-emerged in the US, where some states have legalized the use of cannabis. In 2013, the flourishing business returned to the Great White North and opened their first brick-and-mortar shop in Calgary, Alberta.

Today, Crop King Seeds is considered one of the leaders in the weed industry. The company has partnered in over 100 physical retail stores, as well as numerous breeders, to expand and improve its collection of strains. While the choices of seeds are still quite limited, Crop King Seeds enjoys mostly positive reviews, and we’re here to tell you why.


The Crop King Seeds selection currently consists of 601 seeds. Although it isn’t huge, they offer a good mix of autoflower, fast version, feminized, and auto-feminized varieties with sought-after genetics. The seeds have a germination rate of 80%, avoiding the dangers of overpromising.

The feedback for Crop King Seeds is a combination of positive, negative, and in-betweens. Although to their credit, a bulk of the reviews report successful germination and grows, indicating that the quality of seeds from this company is good for the most part. Additionally, this seed bank offers the “Crop King Guarantee” in case of failed germination.

The most popular strains from Crop King Seeds are White Widow, Purple Kush, Gelato, Green Crack, Lambs Breath, Northern Lights, Blue Cookies, CaliOG Kush Haze, Sour Diesel, and CB Diesel CBD.

Shipping and Delivery

Crop King Seeds ships to all countries. Orders shipped to a Canadian address will be received in original packaging, but customers elsewhere will get theirs inside random objects. The seed bank offers free shipping for purchases over $200 and a delivery guarantee for buyers willing to shell out  $20 or $40 for Express Registered with Tracking.

Customer Service

Crop King Seeds’ customer service receives praises. Customers can chat, call a toll-free number, or send an email if they have questions or concerns. We tried the chat option twice and got a speedy response in both instances. Not bad. Not bad at all. Thanks, Lisa!

Ease of Website Navigation

The Crop King website looks like it hasn’t been updated since its inception, but it’s very user-friendly. Buyers can easily navigate the portal and find what they’re looking for, as everything is self-explanatory. Plus, the collections are relatively small in number and there are sort options.

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Price and Special Offers

Crop King Seeds is not for you if you’re looking for the cheapest seeds in the market. However, if you’re willing to spend a bit more on high-quality seeds, then add them to your list of trustworthy seed banks. All autoflowering, feminized, CBD, and fast version seeds cost $65 for 5 seeds per pack and $240 for 25, while regular seeds are much cheaper for only $40 to $140.

Sadly, Crop King Seeds is not known for having tempting promotions. They only offer free shipping for $200+ orders and 10 free seeds for at least $420 purchases at the time of writing. Enticing!


Because Crop King Seeds caters to customers worldwide, they accept a variety of payment methods. Buyers can use US and Canadian dollars, Visa, Mastercard, and even Bitcoin. Canadians can also do Interac E-Transfers. They currently do not accept checks, international bank transfers, money orders, Western Union, or other credit card networks other than the two mentioned.

Surely, everyone will find a payment method that suits their preferences. Customers will also be glad to know that Crop King Seeds do not save payment information in their system.

Thank you for checking our reviews! If you recently bought cannabis seeds from an online store, we’d love to hear about your experience and what you think of their products and services. This will only take a few minutes but will save fellow weed growers from a lot of headaches later.  It can also determine which seedbanks we should continue to work with.

Thanks again!

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