Over the years, different practices have emerged to get the best cannabis experience. Some smokers enjoy their weed by vaping it until the very last bit. Others don’t care about consuming that leftover amount. This is fine; however, that tiny bit of marijuana can still be utilized.

One common problem that every toker encounters when trying to enjoy a joint until the very end is that the remains of the joint or the roach starts burning everyone’s fingers. So, if you want to prevent that from happening while using your weed efficiently, you’ve come to the right place.

In this post, you’ll learn what a marijuana roach is, how to smoke it with/without using paraphernalia, and other related stuff.

Marijuana Roach on the Cup

What is a marijuana roach?

If you’re just a newbie to joint rolling (insert link of the joint roller article), you should know that there are three types of rolls: joints, spliffs, and blunts. Though each has its specific characteristics, they all have one thing in common. At the end of a sesh, you’ll end with a roach. But what is a roach, by the way?

In cannabis culture, a roach is a term referring to the end of a smoked joint or blunt. In simple terms, it’s the part that’s left after a joint is smoked until almost completion. For most people, this remainder appears too small to be smoked and can cause fear that it can burn one’s finger.

No worries, because you can save your roaches and take advantage of them. There are different ways to do it, but before we move on to that, here are the pros and cons of smoking roach weed:

Pros of smoking roach weed

Save money

The cost of cannabis really adds up if you smoke a lot. If you want to save some money or prolong your weed stash, smoking roach weed is a great solution. You mustn’t wait too long to use it, though, since the paper gets brittle and old weed loses its potency.

Reuse and recycle

To help save the environment, keeping a roach and reusing it is an excellent way to do your part. So, reuse and recycle that roach weed if you want to do something good for our planet.

Cons of smoking roach weed

Potential health risks

As you may have surmised, smoking a roach may not be as hygienic as smoking a new joint. Residual saliva can cause bacteria to spread and form inside the lungs. Moreover, lighting the same weed twice can pose some health hazards since it releases a double dose of carcinogenic substances.

Ruins the flavor profile

Smoke can affect the taste of the flowers, and that’s why a half-smoked joint is less fun to toke the second time around. But if you’re focused on getting high instead of the flavor, then smoking a roach is fine.

How do you smoke a roach?

There are different ways to smoke your marijuana roach. You can use roach clips and joint holders for a much easier experience. But for those who can’t afford one, here are some crafty ways to smoke roaches efficiently.

Without a roach clip/holder, you can use:

1. A keychain

This handy item can be used as a substitute roach clip. All you have to do is to slide the roach into position between the rings. Moreover, the keyring creates a perfect handle while allowing you to get to every last bit of the joint without fuss.

2. The ring pull of a metal can

If you have any soda cans at home, then you can use an aluminum ring to hold the roach. Simply fold the ring in half to create a pincher at the end.

3. A paper clip

A paper clip is a common stationery tool that can be used to create just about anything, and this includes a roach clip. Since it’s made of flexible material, you can bend and shape it into a roach clip easily.

4. Tweezers

This is another common household item that can be used as a clip. It will allow you to pick up the roach and smoke it without any contact with your fingers.

5. A bobby pin

Aside from being a hair accessory, a bobby pin can be used as a replacement for a roach clip. Just slip the roach into the open end of the pin, and you’re ready to go.

6. A safety pin

This works just like a paper clip. Simply run the roach through the pin on one side, but be careful with the pointy end, and don’t stab yourself in the eye or lips.

7. ID badge clamp

Just remove the clip from the badge and clip the roach on the end. If you’re still using that ID badge clamp, make sure to clean it so that it doesn’t smell of weed when you go to work the next day.

Using a roach clip or holder:

Roach clips are some of the trendiest joint smoking tools right now. A roach clip is a clip that looks like tweezers, and it’s used by cannabis and tobacco smokers to hold a roach. They’re usually made of metal, but nowadays, they can come in gold and with extra embellishments.

If you’re wondering how a roach clip can improve your smoking experience, let’s take a look at the different types of roach clips:

1. Alligator clips

Alligator clips resemble small clothespins, but they’re made of metal that can withstand the heat of a burning joint. Since they can be easily produced, they’re the most popular version of the roach clip. They’re also perfect for decorating with wires or even peacock feathers.

Alligator clips

2. Hemostats

If you’re looking for a sturdier type of roach clip, then you can opt for a hemostat. This tool looks like a pair of scissors and has a narrow clamping tip to hold the burning joint. Originally, they were used for medical procedures, but some creative smokers decided to use the tool for roaches. Hemostats also come in handy for holding larger joints or cigar-sized pre-rolls.


What about a joint holder?

These elegant holders can be made of a variety of materials, such as wood, stone, and medical-grade silicone. They’re designed to hold the joint from lighting up to the roach phase with a touch of flair. Some joint holders can hold up to two joints at once, while others can fit on your finger like a ring for an elegant session.

Joint Holder

What else can you do with a roach?

If you’re wondering what else you can do with your blunt roaches besides smoking them as they are, here are some ways to save them instead of disposing of them in the trash:

Keep the weed

Actually, the most efficient way of using roaches is to keep the weed that’s left inside them. Just unwrap the blunt and let the weed fall out. It may be a small amount of weed, but it’s still weed. And after saving the leftovers from several blunts, you could get enough to roll a new one. Think of it as getting a whole new blunt for free.

Though the weed may not look the same as your first roll (because it’s been resinated), this is still fine. It’s still potent since the THC is still active and can make you high. It may not look or smell as good as fresh weed, but it will still work.

Another way of using roaches is to roll them up as is. Instead of removing the weed from the roach and putting that in a blunt, just put the whole roach in the new blunt.

Pack a roach bowl

If you don’t have the time to dissect every roach, then you can pack them in a bowl. To use a bowl, ensure that the air path is open, then push the roach straight down into the bowl’s hole. Or, you can break up the weed from the roach and put it into the bowl. This is considered the traditional way of using roaches.

Moreover, you can add fresh weed to the bowl. A roach may only count toward ¼ to half of a bowl, depending on the size of the bowl. Once the roach is in place, you can add some shake around it inside the bowl.

Some smokers only want the weed that’s left in a roach, but not the rest of the material, such as tobacco. If you prefer that, then make sure to unwrap the roach first and remove the tobacco before putting the weed inside the bowl.

Wu-Tang the roach

Wu-Tang means to swallow a roach. There’s a correct way to do it, so make sure you do it right and don’t choke on the roach. Read this article first, as it will give you everything you need to know about Wu-Tang.

How do you dispose of roaches properly?

If you don’t feel like reusing your roaches, you can simply discard them. However, you have to dispose of them properly to prevent accidents.

To avoid the risk of starting a fire, water the roach to extinguish it. You can run it under the faucet or pour your last sip of beer on it, whichever is more convenient. However, flushing the roach in the toilet isn’t recommended since the chemicals can leach into the water supply.

Most important, don’t throw a roach straight into the garbage or on the ground. Ensuring that it’s extinguished completely can literally save thousands of lives, so take a moment to do it properly.


To sum up, smoking a roach can level up your smoking experience. When you’re left with a roach, it doesn’t mean that the leftover weed has to go to waste. If you plan to smoke a roach, there are many creative ways to do it without relying on a roach clip or holder.

But if you aren’t going to consume your roach, you should dispose of it by extinguishing it properly. This way, you’re doing your part in fire prevention and being a responsible smoker.