2 Fast 4 Buds, more commonly known as FastBuds, was founded in 2010 in Barcelona, Spain. It focuses on improving autoflower genetics and giving cannabis enthusiasts across the globe access to stable and superior autoflowering seeds. Although a relatively young company, it quickly built a solid reputation as one of the leading sources of high-quality autos in grow circles.

A quick internet check shows that FastBuds is doing a pretty good job producing an impressive line of seeds. However, success in the cannabis e-commerce industry relies on various factors, including excellent customer service and fast, safe shipping. Read our detailed review to learn more about this seed bank and how it fares in these crucial aspects and against other seed retailers.


2 Fast 4 Buds offers a collection of 56 autoflowering strains, some official apparel, and nothing else. While of modest size, the online store’s seed catalog has some exciting choices ideal for hobby or amateur growers. The seeds spring plants that grow faster and finish flowering sooner than those from feminized and regular cannabis seeds. If you want to start collecting crops sooner or enjoy multiple harvests in a single season, the FastBuds varieties will fulfill these desires. They also typically stay short, making them a great option for customers growing in limited spaces.

The bestselling strains from 2 Fast 4 Buds include:

  • Gorilla Cookies Auto
  • Strawberry Banana Auto
  • Purple Punch Auto
  • Strawberry Pie Auto
  • Orange Sherbet Auto
  • Wedding Glue Auto
  • Forbidden Runtz Auto
  • Bruce Banner Auto
  • Trainwreck Auto
  • Kosher Cake Auto
  • Mimosa Cake Auto
  • Wedding Cheesecake Auto

2 Fast 4 Buds has a 98% germination guarantee, and online reviews confirm they own up to this warranty. If a seed does not sprout, contact their customer service team and fill out a warranty form, so the replacement seeds can be shipped to you at no extra cost. Keep in mind that seeds are living things, and their environment influences their viability. If the seeds are stored somewhere with unfavorable conditions or handled incorrectly, there is a possibility that they won’t germinate.

Shipping and Delivery

According to our research, FastBuds dispatches packages from their warehouse in two different countries. This allows buyers to receive their purchases much faster. All orders bound for Europe and many other international locations ship out from Barcelona, Spain, whereas those intended for South America come from Santiago, Chile. We tried placing an order on the website using various countries of destination, and the message at the topmost part of the page either says, “Shipping from Czech Republic” or “Shipping from Chile,” so perhaps they changed one storehouse location.

Delivery to anywhere in Europe takes 3 to 10 business days. On the other hand, packages for shipping elsewhere are dispatched within 1 to 3 business days and can take up to 21 business days to be delivered. 2 Fast 4 Buds uses blank envelopes or packages without any information of the contents posted outside.

Customer Service

The FastBuds customer service is lauded in public forums and review sites. After getting in touch with their client servicing team, we can confirm that the praises are well-deserved. They have a fast response time, and the representatives are personable and very helpful. We’ve gotten used to waiting for at least an entire day to three working days for a response or not getting any at all that we were pleasantly surprised to hear back from FastBuds in two hours.

You can reach the seed bank through chat, telephone, or email. Their customer care team is available from 9 am to 5:30 pm (GMT+2), Monday to Friday (except public holidays). If you contact them in the evening or on the weekend, you’ll hear back from them on the next business day.

Instead of waiting, you may also check their blog for cannabis cultivation-related concerns. It is filled with informative growing articles that help growers of any skill level achieve high yields. The portal also contains the latest news in the world of 420 and other interesting articles about the scientific side of the plant.

Ease of Website Navigation

The cool-looking 2 Fast 4 Buds website is easy to navigate. The huge pictures of its best-selling strains in full bloom make up most of the homepage, enticing growers with what they can potentially grow and harvest. Along with the thumbnails are information kept to a minimum to prevent visually overwhelming the visitors.

Clicking the dropdown menu from the navigation bar displays a list of popular categories, such as autoflowering seeds, dealers, blog, accessories, and FAQ. The first option leads to the entire FastBuds collection of cannabis seeds. To refine the product list, buyers can sort or filter by various conditions and characteristics.

As with other websites, the links to other essential contents, such as about, contact us, terms and conditions, and privacy policy, are at the bottom of the FastBuds portal.

Price and Special Offers

Customers can purchase between 1to 1000 seeds per strain from FastBuds. 1-seed packs cost around €6.30 to €13.00, while 1000-pc bulks have a price tag of about €1,680.00 to € 3,400.00.

2 fast 4 Buds offers new promos and discounts every month. Buyers get free seeds with every order. The online store also has a Buy 5 get 5 free promo during high season and occasional 2×1 on every product.


2 Fast 4 Buds accepts several payment methods. The website is a secured platform for payments using credit cards (Visa or Mastercard), wire transfers, and Bitcoin. In some locations, cash on delivery is also an option. Note that orders will only be shipped once the payment is received.

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