Among the many online cannabis seed sellers, most are considered average and only a few have emerged as the best. The UK-based A B Seedy is a relatively unknown seed bank that falls somewhere in the middle but has a great likelihood of success based on the meager yet very positive feedback from its customers.

Not much is known about A B Seedy, but we managed to do a deep-dive review of this shop to help you decide if your next seed purchase should be on this store.


A B Seedy offers over 4000 seeds from 149 different breeders. If you are a fan of big names like Barney’s Farm, DNA Genetics, Dutch Passion, Expert Seeds, Greenhouse Seeds, Kannabia, TH Seeds, and Zamnesia, but they don’t ship to your area, then this store may be a good chance for you to get your hands on some excellent genetics.

Their most popular offerings are the feminized seeds of Future #1, Wy-Kiki, Star Killer, Red Mandarine, Gorilla Zkittelz, Ghost Train, and Super Lemon Haze, as well as the autoflower seeds of Big Bud and BCN Critical XXL. Regular seeds aren’t high up on the list, but 501st. OG, Pina Rita, and Scott’s OG are doing well sales-wise. As for high-CBD seeds, the feminized variants of Morning Star CBD, Cream & Cheese CBD, and Blackberry OG CBD are most sought by medical cannabis growers.

A few months back, a feedback with an average rating mentioned that A B Seedy’s inventory tracking needs better managing. A B Seed acknowledged that this was a concern they’ve been dealing with since Brexit and that the company has already implemented a new system that checks and updates 82% of their stock daily and the rest 3 times a week. It seems that took care of the issue as we haven’t stumbled upon a similar review yet.

Shipping and Delivery

A B Seedy ship to any country in the world but won’t be held responsible for non-delivery in countries where owning cannabis seeds is illegal. Once payment is confirmed, the company will dispatch the package from their UK office within 1 to 3 business days. All orders are tracked and insured, so buyers can keep an eye on the parcel’s movement and request a reshipment if it gets lost in transit.

Follows the industry standard in packaging, A B Seedyuses plain, air-sure envelopes by default. Customers who want want to make their package extra stealth have the option to add a random item like a t-shirt or DVD upon checkout.

Customer Service

As I write, A B Seedy has 46 reviews on Trustpilot. 45 of them rate the company as excellent, and a lone soldier gave it an average score. Many of the feedback commend its customer service, describing it as top-notch, excellent, responsive, friendly, and efficient, among other things. Buyers can contact them via e-mail or phone.

Apart from having a praiseworthy customer care team, A B Seedy also launched ‘That’s Dope,’ a podcast where people can openly discuss all things weed, and ‘Cannabis Meetup,’ an open online forum. Both are part of the seed bank’s 420 community service and initiative to help push cannabis legalization in the UK.

Ease of Website Navigation is simple, clean, and easy to use. Epitomizing “less is more,” the website has just the right amount of information and images. Only relevant categories, such as flowering type, breeders, best sellers, and promos, are at the top of the page, where customers can easily see them. Also displayed on the homepage are the thumbnails of the best-selling seeds, an announcement that stocks are updated daily (to reassure old customers that the previous inventory tracking issue has been resolved) and that they ship worldwide, among a few others.

As with most online seed banks, category pages have filter and sort options to help customers find the seeds suited to their needs. Links to other important pages such as FAQs, blog, contact, and return policy are at the bottom.

Price and Special Offers

Catering to consumers of various spending limits, the A B Seedy catalog consists of seeds from low to high price ranges. Some seeds go as low as £5.00 each, while others can make a £374 worth dent in your wallet for a 10-seed pack. Buyers with a strict budget can check the website’s promos page for discounts, free seeds, and other deals.


A B Seedy accepts payment via online card, bank transfers, checks, cash, and cryptocurrencies.

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