One thing we learned from dealing with so many seed banks is to never paint with a broad brush. Not all stores with a decades-long operation are reliable and new ones don’t always just sell hype, 710 Genetics included. Strictly for growers of consumable weed, the online pot shop offers a limited number of feminized and auto-flowering seeds that carry an exciting mix of genetics from the UK, Europe, and the US.

710 Genetics is currently just one of the many players in the cutthroat UK market. Still, it has the potential to soar higher with its offerings of stable, flavorful, and affordable strains. Get to know this possible up-and-comer in our full review to find out if its products and service are worth spending your cannabis cultivation budget on.


The 710 Genetics collection only consists of 6 autoflowers, 31 feminized, 6 Lemon Range seeds, and 3 from the 2018 range. All or most strains appear to have been bred in-house, which explains their inventory’s slow and gradual increase. Varieties used as parent strains are sought-after names like Bubblegum, OG Kush, Gorilla Glue, White Widow, Haze, Jack Herer, and Skunk. By creating their own from the finest gene pool, the seed bank’s offerings attract relatively strong interest and confidence from cannabis growers.

710 Genetics only sells feminized and autoflowering seeds. Therefore, it’s only for cultivators of consumable marijuana and not those planning to breed. New buyers can check their four category pages or choose from the list below for the strains we found to be popular in public forums:

  • Fruity Widow
  • White Candy
  • Smog
  • Fool’s Gold
  • Pure Jack
  • Shellshock
  • Berry OG Kush
  • Lemon Candy

Customer experiences shared online are mostly positive. Many of the glowing testimonies commend the growth and structure of the plants from 710 Genetics seeds. Some even say that the result blew away everything else in the grow tent.

Shipping and Delivery

710 Genetics ships to various countries but did not specify on their website which ones exactly. They did mention not catering to growers based in the US and Canada, but the actual do not ship list is longer than that. If the seed bank cannot dispatch the seeds to your location, an error that says “No Shipping options are available” will appear.

The online store typically ships out orders within 24 hours. Purchases placed during public and bank holidays will be processed and shipped the next business day. All orders are trackable and prepared in plain, discreet packaging.

Note that 710 Genetics will not ship a replacement or offer a refund for orders confiscated or destroyed by customs. This being the case, we highly recommend checking the legal status of cannabis seeds in your country before placing an order.

Customer Service

Because geminating cannabis seeds is illegal in the UK,710 Genetics does not entertain any inquiry about such concerns. Their website and product pages also do not contain much information that could help growers cultivate their purchased seeds. The most you could get are some descriptions of the strain’s physical characteristics.

Buyers can get in touch with the 710 Genetics customer care team via phone, email, or snail mail. If the concern is urgent, it’s best that you give them a ring as their email response time is not impressive.

Ease of Website Navigation is simple and tidy. It can benefit from some updating and a touch of professional web design, but finding your way around will never be an issue. The navigation bar only has four categories—2018 Range, Feminized Seeds, Lemon Range, and Auto Flowering—and the footer is just as straightforward. One of the nicest features of the website is the Product Comparison option, which allows potential buyers to match up to four seeds side-by-side.

Price and Special Offers

While the choices are somewhat limited, the outstanding quality and affordable price point of 710 Genetics seeds make the store worth visiting. The store does not offer any discounts or promotions at the moment, but its low pricing beats the deals you can get from many other pot shops. Here’s the current price range for 3-seed packs:

  • 2018 Range – £19.99
  • Feminized – £16.99-£19.99
  • Lemon Range – £18.99
  • Autoflower – £14.99-£16.99

Note that the price-per-seed for 5-seed packs is only negligibly lower, and the website does not have any information about giving discounts for bulk orders if at all possible.


710 genetics accepts all major credit or debit cards and PayPal. All transactions will appear as Pam Trading in your bank statement.

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